one&twenty 2023: German Design Council announces winning projects. Award ceremony in Milan.

Mar 22, 2023

The winners of the international newcomer competition »one&twenty«, organised by the German Design Council - formerly known as »ein&zwanzig« - have been selected. The prestigious jury chose 21 winning projects from 545 entries submitted by young emerging designers from 134 universities and 53 countries. The award ceremony is scheduled for 17th April in Milan, on the occasion of the Salone del Mobile.

This year's submissions stand out for their curiosity, aesthetics, and ingenuity. The new generation of designers is increasingly focused on customisable functionalities to make their products accessible to an inclusive society. They are committed to uncompromising designs that prioritise sustainability, whether through the longevity of their products, their modular design, or the careful use of resources in production. Driven by immense research spirit, they integrate various scientific disciplines into their work.

Lutz Dietzold, CEO of the German Design Council, is enthusiastic about the range of projects: »Young design talents show us important ways to meaningfully redesign our world with enthusiasm and creativity, from climate protection to inclusion. They choose bold approaches and are both idea generators and drivers for the industry.«

Using experimental materials for climate protection

Several winning projects address the urgently needed alternatives to mineral and fossil resources like oil to prevent rapid climate change and allow for a carbon-neutral circular economy. This issue is not just important from an environmental perspective but also because businesses seek solutions to reduce their carbon footprint under stricter taxonomy regulations.

One excellent project that deals with alternative resources is »NakedPak«. Israeli designer Naama Nicotra (Holon Institute of Technology) replaces the commonly used plastic packaging of food with one made of natural materials. The most important component is an algae derivative. Nicotra's packaging is not trash or a mere alternative to plastic - it's part of the meal: a bundle of spaghetti, for example, is wrapped in a layer of »bio-plastic« mixed with tomato sauce. Once in contact with hot water, the tasteless natural ingredients dissolve.

Julia Huhnholz and Friedrich Gerlach (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar) experimented with a little-known material for their project: bio-cement, which is currently used only in a few construction projects. Based on their research, the young designers designed a seating furniture called »The Essence of Biocement« to make their interdisciplinary findings understandable to a broader audience. While traditional cement requires significant amounts of heat and its production releases carbon dioxide, bio-cement requires no energy and is emission-free. Instead, it is made microbially, with a bacterium, urea and sand usually forming the base of the eco-cement. Gerlach and Huhnholz also used recycled materials for their design, using recycled bricks instead of sand.

Flexible and individual: Design products for all people

Other projects focus on people's needs, especially the desire for flexibility and individuality, and can thus reach a growing audience: from an adjustable rug (Emma Tietze, Universität der Künste Berlin) that adapts to new spaces during relocation to a height-adjustment kit for the Eiermann table frame (Tim Schütze, Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin). The projects hit the zeitgeist, according to the jury, because they were developed from the outset with the aim of durability and respond to the desire for reuse and recycling.

Helena Kiefer's project »Vaask« also addresses specific user needs. The designer (Hochschule Darmstadt) has developed a system that allows immobile people to have a simple and dignified hair wash. The design of the newcomer convinces the jury with a mobile trolley with water tanks and a sink that can be used directly on the hospital bed for hair washing.

Award ceremony in Milan

The award ceremony of the international competition will take place on April 17, 2023, starting at 7 pm, during the Salone del Mobile. On this evening, the German Design Council together with the Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Milan will award not only 20 winner projects but also a design talent with the »Best of Best« label. The projects will be presented in an exhibition designed by the Danish design office TABLEAU. Interested parties can personally meet the young talents and exchange ideas about their work.

And these are the winners of one&twenty 2023:


Project: NakedPak

Designer Naama Nicotra/Israel

Project: The Essence of Biocement
Designer: Julia Huhnholz und Friedrich Gerlach /Germany

Project: Woven Change, Shifting Expressions
Designer: Sophie Jungkvist/Sweden

Project: E2022
Designer: Tim Schütze/Germany

Project: cellular - the breathing facade tile
Designer: Vivian Tamm/Germany

Project: GRAT
Designer: Jan Wagemann und Julia Ribic/Germany and Croatia

Project: Individualisierbare Urnen
Designer: Cora Schmidt

Project: Urban Coolspot
Designer: Julia Sulikowska/Poland 

Project: Maßbandleuchte
Designer: Josua Roters/Germany

Project: NOMAD - solar lamp
Designer: Moritz Walter and Michelle Müller/Germany

Project: DSR_01
Designer: David Blumberg/Germany

Project: Vaask: System zur Liegend-Haarwäsche immobiler Menschen
Designer: Helena Kiefer/Germany

Project: Woven Forms
Designer: Leonie Burkhardt/Germany

Project: teg-radio
Designer: Justus Hilfenhaus/Germany

Project: AIROLID
Designer: Magdalena Fahrner/Germany

Project: scoria
Designer: Marc Roman Page/Germany

Project: Philips One - Products as a Service
Designer: Jakob Kohnle und Stijn van Cuijk/Germany and the Netherlands

Project: Expandable rug
Designer: Emma Tietze/Germany

Project: Elevation Lamp
Designer: Alexander Schul/Germany

Project: Bing!
Designer: Manuel Steffan/Germany

Project: 2Light
Designer: Felix Pape/Germany


With the internationally advertised competition one&twenty (formerly ein&zwanzig), the German Design Council has been promoting young design talents since 2017. The award is aimed at design students, graduates, and young professionals with innovative and pioneering work in categories such as Interior Design, Lifestyle, Eco Design, Social Design & Medical and Rehabilitation, Material and Textiles, Techniques and Processes for Design, Public Design, and Digitally Supported Design. The products submitted must be prototypes that are not yet available on the market. An international expert jury selects 21 outstanding works from the submissions, with 20 designs awarded as »Winners« and one chosen as »Best of Best«. 

The jury

The 12-member jury consists of international and renowned designers: Eva Marguerre and Marcel Besau (Studio Besau-Marguerre, Germany), Nina Bruun (Nina Bruun Design Studio, Denmark), Uli Budde (ULI BUDDE DESIGN OFFICE, Germany), Mathias Hahn (Mathias Hahn Design Studio, Germany and UK), Philipp Mainzer (E15, Germany), Nils Holger Moormann (Nils Holger Moormann GmbH, Germany), Daniera ter Haar, Christoph Brach (Raw Color, Netherlands), Hanne Willmann (Studio Hanne Willmann, Germany), Chen Min (Chen Min Office, China), Yoko Choy (China Editor at Wallpaper* & Co-founder of the Collective Contemporist, Netherlands). 

German Design Council

Since 1953, the German Design Council has been acting as the world's leading competence center for communication and knowledge transfer in the fields of design, brand, and innovation. With international offerings, support for young talents, and memberships, it is part of the global design community and has always contributed to establishing exchanges and networks worldwide. Through events, congresses, competitions, jury meetings, and expert groups, the German Design Council connects its members and numerous other international design and branding experts, promotes discourse, and provides important impulses for the global economy. Currently, its membership includes more than 350 companies.  

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